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The Village Blacksmith Shop

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About The Village Blacksmith Shop
The Village Blacksmith Shop was first opened in Goshen, Connecticut in 1980 by Bob Valentine, a Master Blacksmith and owner.

Bob has over 36 years of experience producing 17th 18th and early 19th century iron including, building hardware, hearth equipment and household items.

Bob has worked on many restoration projects for clients 
including, museums, architects, designers, as well as 
many individuals throughout the country. Bob is one of 
only three practicing smiths in the country to have made 
a spit jack, a geared clock like device used to turn a spit 
in front of a fireplace. In 1995 Bob sold his first spit jack to 
Sturbridge Village for their daily use. In 1991 he was given 
an award for “Best Traditional Work” by The League of 
New Hampshire Craftsmen and New England Blacksmith.

Bob has demonstrated and lectured on traditional iron work for various Blacksmithing groups, Historical Societies and AIA Connecticut.

While there are many makers of reproduction 17th, 18th and early 19th century iron, there are very few who forge their product by hand, using the techniques of a long past era. To achieve his goal of producing accurate reproductions (what Bob likes to call “copying the signature of period blacksmiths”) Bob has spent countless hours researching period iron including, when it was made, where it was made, and if possible by whom. He has also examined hundreds of pieces of old iron to understand how they were made and characteristics such as their weight, scale, and forms.

With his extensive knowledge of period blacksmithing the only difference between Bob’s work and old pieces is age.

Robert Valentine
Mr. Valentine has been intent on the art and mystery of blacksmithing since he was a teenager growing up in Goshen.

''I've always been hooked on history,'' he said. ''And history and what I do go hand in hand.''

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